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Spring-Loaded Headers and Target Connectors with Solder-cups

Solder-cup termination spring pins and mating target pins assembled into high temperature insulated housings are available in .050” (1,27mm), .100” (2,54 mm) and .1575” (4mm) pitch. Offered in many unique vertical mounting styles including extended travel and rugged high-power offerings, these types of connectors are most commonly used in battery charging/docking station applications. Another popular use is in “quick connect” systems where blind mating is typically employed.

4 mm Pitch rugged, solder-cup spring-loaded connector
4 mm Pitch rugged, solder-cup spring-loaded connectors used in a docking application

Care must be taken when soldering wires to spring pins as prolonged exposure to high temperature soldering irons can adversely affect the performance of the spring. Since there is variation in all applications, the process may have to be experimented with and adjusted as required.

Short term (1-hour max.) temperature ratings for Beryllium copper and stain-less steel springs are 205˚C (401˚F) and 260˚C (500˚F) respectively. Since lead free solder iron temperature recommendations are much higher, 371 – 427˚C (700 - 800˚F), the dwell time becomes critical. All spring-loaded headers and target connectors have uniformly aligned solder-cups to facilitate efficient soldering and most are offered in single or double row configurations.

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