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Machined Pin PCB Connectors & Interconnects

PCB Connectors

Mill-Max machined pin board interconnects offer an ideal solution to the board-to-board interconnect challenges that design engineers face every day.

We offer a variety of options to accommodate everything from space-saving, fine-pitch requirements, to larger, more robust applications in which products are subjected to harsh environments including significant shock and vibration. By mating different combinations of headers and sockets, a wide range of board-to-board spacing can be achieved. All sockets accept .008" - .043" (0,20 -1,09) diameter leads and are made using our unique 4-finger Beryllium Copper Contact, which provides a high reliability gas-tight seal.

Mill-Max PCB Connectors are available for the following applications:

  • Pluggable board-to-board interconnects using a mating socket and header
  • Permanent board-to-board connections by soldering a through-hole header to both boards
  • Fine pitch applications from 2mm down to 1mm pin-to-pin spacing
  • Low Profile board-to-board connections using SMT headers & sockets or receptacle carriers
  • “Daisy Chain” or horizonal connections using Right Angle and Horizontal “Z-Bend” SMT headers & sockets
  • Multiple board stacking using Organic Fiber Plug® pass-through sockets
  • Wire-to-board applications using Soldercup, Turret, Slotted, Wrapost headers & sockets


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Still can't find what you are looking for? Mill-Max will gladly quote application specific products. Need technical help or looking for a custom design? Use the form below to contact Mill-Max Technical Services.

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