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.100" (2,54 mm) Pitch Solder-cup Pin and Socket Interconnects

Low profile solder-cup headers mated with ultra-low-profile sockets
Low profile solder-cup headers mated with ultra-low-profile sockets to minimize total interconnect height

Solder-cup terminal pins and receptacles assembled into insulators on .100” (2,54mm) pitch are available in a variety of options including low profile, right-angle and higher current versions. All styles have uniformly aligned solder-cups to facilitate efficient soldering and most series are offered in single and double row configurations. .100” (2,54mm) spaced connectors, the most common type, exhibit greater durability than the fine pitch offerings, allowing for termination of heavier gauge wires and operation in more demanding environments. Most connectors in this family will accept up to 22 AWG, they have an interconnect structure characterized by .020” (.51 mm) diameter leads on the male end and mating receptacles accepting .015” - .025” (.38 - .635 mm) The heavier gauge connectors are capable of handling up to 20 AWG wire and use .030” (.762 mm) diameter male pins and receptacles with an acceptance range of .025” - .037” (.635 - .94 mm).


Right angle solder-cup connector
Right angle solder-cup connector for low profile, parallel connection to the PCB
Header and socket
Header and socket, suitable for 20 AWG, used in cable assembly
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