Mill-Max Announces Low Profile, Miniature Spring-Loaded Contacts

Low Profile, Miniature Spring-Loaded Contacts


Compact spring-loaded pins and connectors designed for .050” pitch applications

Mill-Max announces the release of a new line of miniature spring-loaded pins and connectors. These interconnects are designed to address the ever-shrinking requirements of electronic device packaging while providing exceptional electrical and mechanical performance.

Through extensive development and testing, Mill-Max has designed and produced spring-loaded pins with a 33% reduction in height from our comparable pins in the .050” pitch (1.27 mm) category. These latest additions to our line of spring-loaded interconnect products include discrete pins, along with connectors in single and double row versions. The pins: 0950-0-15-20-64-14-11-0 (SMT version) and the 0984-0-15-20-64-14-11-0 (through hole version) each have an above-board height of just .166” (4.2 mm), a full stroke capability of .040” (1 mm) and provide 50 grams of force at the mid-stroke working travel of .020” (.5 mm). Electrically, the pins are characterized by a contact resistance of less than 20 milliohms and a maximum current rating of 7 amps1 at a 30⁰ C temperature rise. The pins also meet the shock and vibration requirements of IEC standards 60512-6-3 and 60512-6-4.

The single and double row connectors have .050” (1.27 mm) pin-to-pin spacing, are available in surface mount and through hole configurations, and all exhibit the impressively low above-board height of .166” (4.2 mm). The single row connectors, 854-22-0XX-10-004101 (through hole) and 854-22-0XX-30-004101 (SMT) are offered in 2-20 positions while the double row connectors, 855-22-0XX-10-004101 (through hole) and 855-22-0XX-30-004101 (SMT) are offered in 4-40 positions. The connector insulator material is high temperature, durable Nylon, suitable for all soldering processes. Paired with our 856 or 857 series target connectors, board-to-board heights as low as .236” (6 mm) can be achieved at mid-stroke compression. We offer target connectors in surface mount, through hole, right angle, and wire termination styles to provide solutions for just about any interconnect application.

These new low profile spring-loaded pins are made with precision machined components and stainless-steel springs; all are gold plated to ensure the highest conductivity, corrosion resistance and endurance. They have a durability of 100,000 cycles minimum, at half stroke, while continuing to meet their electrical and mechanical specifications. Complete technical performance details can be found on our website.

1Current rating @ 30⁰ C temperature rise, per IEC 60512-5. Derated current is 5.6A.

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