Mill-Max manufactures a wide variety of interconnect components. Our product line includes precision-machined contact pins and receptacles, spring-loaded connectors, PCB pins and solder terminals, IC sockets, and board-to-board interconnects, all available in SMT and through-hole. With so many choices available we encourage you to review our online product finder for an effortless way to browse through our complete product offering.

Mill-Max is particularly distinguished by its Customer driven philosophy. While we offer over 20,000 standard products in our catalog and website, we recognize that there are times when one size does not fit all, and welcome custom designs, regardless of volume. Our proprietary high-speed turning machines have the flexibility to be easily and quickly re-configured to make machined contacts in varied sizes and shapes. This allows our in-house applications and manufacturing engineers to work in conjunction with you to assist with any application specific design. During production, our experienced Quality Control Inspectors ensure your product is made to your exact specifications every time, from a few hundred pieces into the millions.

For more technical information on our products review our Engineering Notebooks and Frequently Asked Questions. If you need assistance with your specific design use the form below anytime with your specific question, we assure you of a fast response.

Last Update: 03/19/2019 05:30 PM