Spring Loaded (Pogo) Contact Connectors for Battery & Board Interconnects

Spring Loaded (Pogo) Contact Connectors for Battery & Board Interconnects

When the power is on, you don't want shock or vibration to create spurious signals. Mill-Max Spring-Loaded (Pogo Pin) Connectors provide a reliable electrical connection in the most rigorous environments. These interconnects are typically used as the base unit (battery/charger) interface for portable equipment such as mobile phones/radios, bar code readers, medical and test instruments. They can also be used as a rugged surface-to-surface connector between circuit boards. Visit our Application Notes for Spring-loaded Connectors for more detailed information on uses and applications.

Spring Loaded Pin Cutaway

All pogo pin connectors have the following characteristics:

  • Maximum Continuity: Precision-machined gold-plated components and a low-resistance spring maintain a consistent electrical path.
  • Maximum Stability: Tested to a minimum of 50g shock and 10g vibration with no spikes >1μs and >1.15V with 0.5A applied.
  • Maximum Endurance: 1,000,000 cycles and still electrically silent.
  • Maximum Range: Six families of single and double row strip assemblies for .100" (2,54mm) mounting grid - low and high profile surface mount styles available on carrier tape & a thru-hole style for manual placement. Plus a choice of 88 discrete spring-loaded contacts for use in customer specific assemblies.

In addition Mill-Max offers Mating Target Connectors for Mill-Max Spring-Loaded Connectors. These connectors provide a convenient mating surface to connect with Mill-Max Spring-Loaded Connectors. Mill-Max Target Connectors are a very convenient solution to applications requiring a conductive extension from the surface of one module up to another. If a non-standard solution is required, it is much more cost effective to modify a Mill-Max Target Connector than a spring pin assembly.


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