Simplify Daisy-Chaining with Mill-Max Spring-Loaded Pins

HSMT Spring-Loaded Pins

Mill-Max versatile HSMT spring-loaded pins are the perfect solution for Daisy-Chaining PCBs

Mill-Max has developed a versatile line of horizontal surface-mount (HSMT) spring-loaded pins designed for making low profile connections parallel to the board surface. These spring-loaded pins have plunger travel in-line with the board surface, making them ideal for end-to-end board connections in assemblies with restrictive height requirements.

This family of HSMT spring-loaded pins offers rated travel options from .0195” (0,50 mm) to .059” (1,50 mm) with associated maximum travel options of .039” (1 mm) to .118” (3 mm), meeting a wide range of interconnect requirements. The 0986-X and 0988-0 spring pins have an above-board height of only .070” (1,78 mm) with a .035” (,9 mm) plunger center line while the 0968-0, 0967-0 and 0987-0 spring pins sit slightly higher at .100” (2,54 mm) and .050” (1,27 mm) plunger centerline. The low profiles are critical when working with a limited overall package height or in applications where vertical board stacking is not an option and PCBs are daisy-chained together, such as in LED lighting systems.

Each HSMT spring-loaded pin has ample surface area for SMT soldering, ensuring secure attachment to the board to stand up to rough handling, particularly in blind mating and quick-connect applications. They are typically mounted near the edge of the board with the plunger extending beyond the board edge to make contact with a target on a mating board or device.  Target options for horizontal board mating are single position right angle target connectors (series 399-XX-XXX-008) or individual HSMT Target pins such as 7937-0.

All options are offered in both bulk packaging and supplied on tape & reel, designed per EIA-481 standards. The large flat body provides the ideal surface for pick & placement. There is no need for bulky pick & place caps allowing for more parts per reel, less waste & a reduction in assembly steps.

These low-profile HSMT spring-loaded pins maintain the quality and dependability of current Mill-Max spring pins by utilizing the same technology and internal spring components. Each component, including the spring, is made of high-quality materials and gold plated to ensure high reliability, corrosion & wear resistance, resulting in a durability rating of up to 1,000,000 cycles.

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