Pre-Wired Spring-Loaded Connectors

Pre-Wired Spring-Loaded Connectors

A value-added solution for spring-loaded wired applications


Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp., Inc. announces the release of a new pre-wired spring-loaded connector, a two-position header with crimp terminated wires. This product combines high quality Mill-Max spring-loaded pogo pins with the convenience of a 12” pig-tail to suit a wide variety of applications.

The new 867-22-002-70-501010 cable assembly is a cost-effective solution when a wired connection is required in an electrical assembly. Crimping wires to a connector comes with challenges: gang crimping tooling is not readily available and the alternative, crimp and poke connectors, can be time consuming and labor-intensive to use. This connector eliminates those issues and is ready to use in a host of wire termination applications. The open end wire offers flexible termination possibilities such as soldering, crimping, splicing or connecting to a terminal block. The 867 series uses high reliability Mill-Max spring-loaded pins making it an excellent choice for battery charging, low-power delivery and quick connect purposes.

The connector features precision-machined and gold-plated spring pins on .100” (2.54 mm) centers, each having a maximum stroke of .055” (1.4 mm), with a connector housing molded from high temperature thermoplastic. The two-wire pig-tail is made from 24 AWG stranded conductors; one red, one black, 12” (305 mm) long. The wire is per UL1007 with PVC insulation and 7/32 stranding. Each wire end is stripped to a length of .140” (3.56 mm) with slug on to prevent fraying. The wire retention of the crimp joint is 8 pounds (3.63 kg) minimum and there is a positive stop inside the connector so the pins cannot be dislodged if pull force is applied to the wires.

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