Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. Expands Crimp Pin Product Offering

Crimp Pins

Mill-Max is pleased to announce the addition of new crimp pins to our selection of wire termination products. These new pins are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equivalents to the popular Mil-Spec M39029 crimp pins. If your application does not require Mil-Spec components but demands the same reliability and form factor, then these pins will fit the bill perfectly. There are five new terminals to choose from, all precision-machined to the highest quality and available in both gold and tin plating options. Each of the pins has an inspection hole for viewing the wire during the crimping process and for promoting plating coverage inside the crimp hole. Table 1 below provides details of the pin size, wire accommodation size, Mill-Max part numbers & the associated Mil-Spec part numbers. The Mill-Max part numbers in Table 1 specify 10 µ” gold plating. These pins are also available with 50 µ” gold or 200 µ” tin plate finish. Each plating option has a nickel under-plate.

Table 1
Mill-Max Part #*Military Part #Wire AccommodationMating Pin Size
3922-0-01-15-00-00-08-0M39029/58-36022 - 28 AWG22
3920-0-01-15-00-00-08-0M39029/58-36320 - 24 AWG20
3916-0-01-15-00-00-08-0M39029/58-36416 - 20 AWG16
3914-0-01-15-00-00-08-0M39029/1-10214 - 16 AWG14
3912-0-01-15-00-00-08-0M39029/58-36512- 14 AWG12
*The Mill-Max pins are dimensionally equivalent to the military parts but do not have color bands.


These crimp pins are ideal components for making up cable assemblies. Since they conform to the dimensions of the Mil-Spec parts, the same crimp tooling can be used to terminate the wires.

Table 2 below provides the Daniels Manufacturing crimp tooling information for these pins. Followed by a short instructional video on how to use these tools.

Table 2
Mill-Max Crimp Pin Part #Wire
Accommodation (AWG)
Daniels Crimp Tool #Corresponding
Daniels Positioner #
3922-0-01-XX-00-00-08-022, 24, 26, 28AFM8
3920-0-01-XX-00-00-08-020, 22, 24MH860
3916-0-01-XX-00-00-08-016, 18, 20AF8
3914-0-01-XX-00-00-08-014, 16AF8TH163 BLUE / YELLOW
3912-0-01-XX-00-00-08-012, 14AF8TH163 YELLOW


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