Maxnetic® Spring-Loaded Connectors

Maxnetic™ Spring-Loaded Connectors

A connector set with strong magnets designed to provide quick, secure, hassle-free connections

Mill-Max announces its first magnetic mating connectors. The Maxnetic®  spring-loaded connectors are designed to make connecting components effortless, reliable, and durable. This series of magnetic connectors feature self-alignment, self-location, and zero force mating, in response to the growing field of applications requiring connections to be made quickly and easily.

Maxnetic® spring-loaded and mating target pins establish an electrical connection as the magnetic force pulls and holds the connectors together; no aligning or plugging is required to mate the connectors, and no hardware is needed to keep them mated. These attributes make magnetic connectors attractive for use in medical environments with repeated mating and un-mating of cables into devices and with portable device docking/charging stations by enabling quick connections, blind mating, and the ability to break away for emergency release without damage to the components.

The Maxnetic® product line is introduced with a connector pair consisting of a through-hole PCB mount spring-loaded connector (P/N: 878-22-00X-10-011101) and a shrouded target connector with solder-cup terminations (P/N: 879-20-00X-00-011000); the combination is ideal for cable to device applications. The connectors are single row, 2-6 positions, with a pin to pin spacing of 4 mm (.1575”). The spring-loaded connector has an above- board height of .378” (9.6 mm) and contains spring-loaded pins featuring .090” (2.3 mm) maximum stroke, a cycle life of up to 1,000,000 cycles, 20 milliohms contact resistance, *7.2 amp per pin current rating, and gold plating on all components. The target connector is shrouded to ensure alignment and engagement with the mating spring-loaded connector and has gold plated solder cup pins that accept up to 16 AWG wire. The use of strong, long-lasting neodymium (NdFeB) magnets on both connectors provides 1.4 pounds (636 g) average separation force (1 pound (454 g) minimum) and enables the connectors to be pulled into alignment and connect with each other at up to .500” (12.7 mm) apart. The latest release incorporates polarization of the magnets to ensure proper connections are made every time. If the magnets are not correctly aligned the connectors will repel each other and be impossible to connect. This is useful in preventing short circuits or data errors. The connectors can be used for power or signal transmission and may be mounted vertically or horizontally. Optimal electrical and mechanical reliability is achieved using high-quality Mill-Max spring-loaded pins.

*Current rating is a de-rated value based on an individual pin in free air.

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