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Understanding PCB Pass Through Interconnects

Product Overview - Pass Through Connector Assemblies

Mill-Max Series 834/835 Pass Through Sockets have a low .130" profile and will accept .030 diameter round pin, as well as industry standard .025" square pin headers. Each receptacle has a current rating of 4.5 amps. Both single (series 834) and double row (series 835) insulators are high termperature thermoplastics and suitable for RoHs soldering profiles.

Unique Organic Fibre Plug® barriers prevent solder, paste or flux from contaminating the internal spring contacts. After soldering, the OFP® barriers are pushed out when the mating header is inserted. The open-bottom, through hole receptacle design makes it ideal for PCB-to-PCB stacking applications. In fact, the long, open bottom receptacle tail not only allows for conventional, top PCB mounting, but it can also be inverted and mounted below the PCB to create unique bottom-pin entry connectors.

A bottom-entry connector is perfect for module stacking applications where a male pin header located on the base PCB must pass through a piggy backed board above it. Note the Mill-Max Series 834/835 Pass Through Sockets are properly used to create electrical interconnects and not as mechanical standoffs or fasteners.

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