Organic Fibre Plug® Receptacles & PCB Pass Through Interconnects

Organic Fibre Plug Steps

Mill-Max Organic Fibre Plug®  (OFP®) receptacles and sockets are interconnects used for through-hole soldering into printed circuit boards. These open bottom interconnects are fitted with paper plugs to prevent solder, paste or flux from contaminating the internal contact during the placing and soldering process.

When the device/mating lead is plugged into the receptacle the OFP® is knocked out allowing the mating lead to pass through the fingers of the internal contact and make a reliable electrical connection. Like all Mill-Max receptacles, Organic Fibre Plug® receptacles use a precision-machined brass housing with a press-fit beryllium copper "multi-finger" contact. The OFP®  receptacles are also available assembled into strip sockets typically used to interconnect two or more circuit boards.

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