Mill-Max's Ultra-Low and Low Profile Spring (Pogo) Pins

Ultra-Low and Low Profile Spring (Pogo) Pins
Mill-Max has developed a series of ultra-low and low profile spring pins for applications where above board height is limited. As packaging requirements for electronics continue to shrink in size, traditional interconnects don't always fit the bill. For board-to-board or device-to-board connections, low profile spring pins are a practical solution.

Mill-Max has five new low profile spring pins to choose from that provide unique above PCB height profiles and through-hole or SMT options. The 0921-X and 0926-X series are through-hole mount and have either .0195" (0,5 mm) or .0275" (0,7 mm) rated travel (mid stroke). The 0965 is for surface mount applications and has .012" (0,3 mm) rated travel (mid stroke).

These new low profile options maintain the quality and reliability of current Mill-Max spring pins by utilizing the same technology & internal spring components. Gold-plated components and springs ensure the highest conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. All three pins are rated for one million cycles and have a current rating of 2 amps continuous use (3 amps maximum.)

The pins are supplied in bulk as standard packaging. For applications requiring a single or double row strip or custom layout of pins other packaging options are available. The 0965 pins are available in standard single and douple row strips. Alternatively the 0926-X pins can be mounted into machined FR-4 epoxy insulators, while the 0921-X pins can be supplied on removable Kapton tape.

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