IC Sockets and Interconnects with Solder Pre-Forms

IC Sockets and Interconnects with Solder Pre-Forms

Mill-Max now offers solder pre-forms. Solder pre-forms enhance the assembly of large pin grid array (PGA) sockets. The main benefit of solder pre-forms is the placement of solder directly between the lead and the hole. This ensures a good solder joint.

Solder pre-forms allow our customers to attach thru-hole devices onto a board soldered using reflow methods. This allows for mixed technology boards.

The solder pre-form is 63% tin and 37% lead.

All Mill-Max sockets use precision machined pins which eliminate any possibility of solder wicking or flux contamination. Press-fit into each pin receptacle is a low force beryllium copper multi-finger contact renowned for greater compliancy and proven reliability.

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