Socket Carriers for DC-DC Converters Permit Easy Repair

Socket Carriers for DC-DC Converters

Mill-Max offers socket carriers for use with DC-DC converters. Rather than being soldered directly to the circuit board, DC-DC converters are often socketed to permit easy field replacement and repair. A socket carrier is a simple way to provide a low profile socket for a DC-DC converter.

Mill-Max socket carriers consist of a rigid FR-4 wafer having pins installed to match the converter footprint. A variety of individual sockets (receptacles) are loaded with these pins which will accept the signal and power pins of the converter. The carrier allows easy placement of these receptacles into the circuit board prior to wave or reflow soldering. The carrier accurately locates and holds down the receptacles during the soldering process. After soldering, the carrier is removed and the converter plugged into the receptacle array. (The socket carrier is essentially an assembly and soldering fixture that may be reloaded and reused.)

Mill-Max receptacles are discrete sockets designed to accept the signal and power pins of the converter. They comprise a precision machined housing with a press-fit beryllium copper spring contact.

Socket carriers are available to accommodate all popular brands of converter such as Vicor, Astec, Lucent, C&D, Artesyn, etc.

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