Crimp Pins and Receptacles

Crimp Pins and Receptacles

A selection of wire termination products for a range of applications

Mill-Max is pleased to announce the addition of new crimp pins and receptacles to our selection of wire termination products.  These pins and receptacles are precision-machined to exacting tolerances and gold plated for excellent conductivity and durability.  The receptacles are fitted with the high reliability Mill-Max spring finger contacts.  If your application requires dependable, long lasting crimp wire connections, then these pins and receptacles will fit the bill perfectly. 

There are two new pins, and five new receptacles to choose from. The table below provides details of the pin size, wire accommodation size and Mill-Max part numbers.  The Mill-Max part numbers in the table specify 10 micro inches gold plating on the shell and 30 micro inches gold plating on the internal contacts.  Thicker gold plating options are available upon request.  All plating options have a nickel under-plate.


Mill-Max Part #

(Male Pins)

Wire AccommodationPin Size
 4609-0-07-15-00-00-03-0  18 - 20 AWG  .054” (1,37 mm)
 6618-0-07-15-00-00-03-0  16 - 20 AWG  .078” (1,98 mm)


  Mill-Max Part # (Receptacles)

Wire AccommodationPin Acceptance Range
  3735-0-19-15-34-27-10-0  18 - 22 AWG  Between .032"-.046" (0,813-1,168mm)
  6433-0-19-15-42-27-10-0  18 - 22 AWG  Between .059"-.063" (1,499-1,600mm)
  5124-0-19-15-34-27-10-0  20 - 24 AWG  Between .032"-.046" (0,813-1,168mm)
  5135-0-19-15-16-27-10-0  20 - 24 AWG  Between .022"-.034" (0,559-0,864mm)
  5448-0-33-15-16-27-10-0  20 - 24 AWG  Between .022"-.034" (0,559-0,864mm)


These crimp pins and receptacles may be used to terminate discrete wires, such as in board-to-board or intra-board connections for power or signal.  They are also ideal for use in cable assembly connectors in which they can be insert molded or potted around.  With a broad acceptance range of wire sizes (16-24 AWG) and mating leads (.022” - .063”), this new group of diverse crimp termination products offers flexible solutions for a variety of applications.

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