Using Edge Mounted Pins for Board Interconnects

The Mill-Max family of Bi-furcated PCB Edge Mount PCB pins are a fine example of Mill-Max ingenuity in designing and skill in manufacturing precision-machined pins.

Mill-Max bi-furcated pins have a .040” diameter to mate with a wide range of Mill-Max receptacles using our #34 contact. The pin mounts on the edge of a printed circuit board with the pin parallel to the board. The square section presses into a hole near the edge of the board, and remains secure prior to wave or refl ow soldering.

This pin is widely used for the cable TV industry. It is commonly used in groups of 3 or 5 on the edge of a filter card used in CATV distribution amplifiers. The rugged design is ideal for field installation over the 20 year anticipated life of the equipment.

PC Board Edgemount Application
PC Board Edgemount Application

Please note, for certain applications where multiple pins are used in-line, the slots must be oriented correctly otherwise an undesirable offset can result.  For instance, in the example shown above, in order to prevent reducing the effective width of the slotted openings of the 3622 or a misalignment with the holes intended for the press-fit tail, the slots must be uniformly aligned.  See the figures below illustrating these conditions.

Alignment Figure 1
Figure 1
Alignment Figure 2
Figure 2
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